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Be Aware that Men and Women are Different

What is attractive for men is not necessarily attractive for women and vice versa. Being equal does not mean being the same.

Generally men are attracted to women more physically, while women tend to focus more on status and personality.

It shouldn’t have escaped your attention that women are pickier than men. Clearly there are evolutionary reasons for this – the more successful females have been those that have been successful in attracting males and holding onto partners with the right characteristics Moscow Brides. Again, through the eyes of genes, the male’s priorities are not quite the same. More partners allows the male more opportunities to pass his genes on to the next generation. Of course humans are highly evolved mammals now acting within accepted cultural boundaries and bowing to societal pressures and etiquette. But do not underestimate the power of millions of years of evolution in directing human behavior, especially in relationships.

Most of all, be aware that attraction can be "built" in females more than it can be in men. With men it is largely instantaneous, with women, it can be generated over time, with skillful words and actions.


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